14 March 2012

San Francisco

I'm off to San Francisco for a few days!

While there, I hope to be able to visit Gamescape, my FLGS from 2003-2005. (I lived two blocks from Dolores Park in San Francisco for 2.5 years, so Gamescape was about a 25-minute walk from my flat.) Hopefully they still have a decent selection of RPGs.

I also would like to visit Games of Berkeley, but given my schedule, that's less likely.


  1. I work in SF. Both places offer a good selection though Gamescape used to have a bargain bin, but don't anymore.

  2. How fancy, you'll be in my neighborhood.

  3. My favorite place. I lived there in the 90's. Once my kids are out of school I plan on moving back.

  4. The Gamescape in the city drastically cut down their RPG stock a few years back, unfortunately. The San Rafael Gamescape still rocks on toast, though (or did up through 2010, when I moved out of the Bay Area).


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