03 March 2011

Swords and Wizardry News

Because of my current gaming activities (namely, running Call of Cthulhu, and playing RuneQuest II and OpenQuest), I haven't been writing that much in recent months about the game that first motivated me to start this blog, Swords and Wizardry (the '0e D&D retro-clone'). This is not because I've lost interest in S&W. It remains my preferred version of Ye Olde Game. Indeed, some of my S&W house rules might be finding their way into a proper 'published' product soon (and some already have been published in past issues of Knockspell).

So, in order to counteract weeks of neglect, here are two pieces of Swords & Wizardry news.

First, Knockspell number 5 (cover shown above) is now available in PDF and print.

Second, Mythmere (a.k.a. Matt Finch), author of Swords and Wizardry (and, more generally, the instigator of the entire 'retro-clone' movement), now has a blog entitled, appropriately enough, 'Mythmere's Blog'. I look forward to following Mythmere's posts in the future!

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