03 August 2011

The One Ring Rules Preview

Despite being a huge Tolkien fan for 30 years now, I haven’t been following the development of the Cublicle 7’s The One Ring RPG too closely. However, I recently noticed that a summary of the main rules of the game (except combat) has been posted here.

I must confess that I’m somewhat intrigued! I’m still not sure whether it’ll be my cup of tea, but I think that I’ll definitely check it out.

My main concern remains that it seems overly focused on a particular era and region of Middle-earth. It’s definitely a different approach to a Middle-earth RPG than my beloved (but long out-of-print) MERP.

Irrespective of the quality of TOR’s rules, though, art by John Howe and Jon Hodgson ensures that this will be one very attractive product!


  1. Looks interesting. I'm not particularly interested in a Middle-Earth game, but it might be worth taking a look at.

  2. To be honest, I actually prefer the focus on Wilderland in the years after the Battle of the Five Armies. Hobbits are really the only Free People who are difficult to sandwich into a game in that region, and even there it's not a stretch to say that Bilbo's tales of his adventures inspired a few adventurous Tooks to head east. Of course, I would say this having just incurred a $60 debt by asking a friend at Gen Con to pick up a hardcopy of the game for me.

  3. I picked up a copy at Gen Con this weekend. It was selling quite fast. The set is really beautiful. I anticipate it'll be awhile, though, before I get around to playing it.

  4. I played it at Gen Con and enjoyed it.

  5. Thanks for the reports, Robichaud and Labyrinthian!

  6. @ Rob Barrett: I agree that the Wilderlands is a great region for a campaign.


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