19 August 2011

Tome of Horrors for Swords and Wizardry

I recently purchased the PDF of The Tome of Horrors (the Swords and Wizardry version; there also is a Pathfinder version) from Frog God Games.

This thing is huge!

It is 688 pages long (but with 14 pages of advertisements at the end), with a monster description on almost every page (some have two). Some of these creatures are taken from classic AD&D (1st edition) volumes, such as The Fiend Folio and the Monster Manual II.

Along with each monster description is a brief ‘sample lair’ that can be used when designing encounters.

Normally I prefer paper books over PDFs, but in this case the PDF is ideal, as one can print up the relevant pages for a gaming session without having to lug around a massive volume.

I haven’t had time to look at the PDF closely yet, but my initial impression is very favourable!


  1. Yeah, I think it's good stuff.

  2. This is on my "must buy" list.

  3. I do wish print copies were available, though. I must have blinked because they're all gone already. I'm hoping there's a print-on-demand option at some point.

  4. C.J., for the Swords & Wizardry version of Tome, they aren't all gone. Originally the plan was to print almost exactly the number ordered, but because of the printer's price breakpoint Bill ordered a hundred extras since the price per book on the extras was, effectively, really low. You have to email Bill to get them -- last time I checked, the "buy" button wasn't up on the Frog God website, but they do actually exist and can be ordered. This is for S&W only -- the Pathfinder ones are all gone.

  5. Matt, thanks so much for the inside scoop!


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