08 August 2011

Real Life Ruins Gaming Yet Again

I’ve been really excited about going to OSRCon for a couple months now. However, thanks to an unforeseen ‘real life’ issue (work-related), it turns out that I will not be able to go this Friday and Saturday.

That means that I will not be able run my Swords & Wizardry game, take part in one of the games that James Maliszewski (of ‘Grognardia’ fame) is running, meet Stuart (creator of the ‘Weird West’ RPG), meet some other ‘old school’ Toronto gamers, and enjoy the con events.

I’m grateful to the con organizer, Chris Cunnington, for being so understanding. I really hope that OSRCon is a great success! Hopefully it will happen again next year, when I’ll be back in Toronto.

My Young Kingdoms campaign also has suffered lately, thanks to travel and work (no sooner does one participant get back from Germany than another heads off to France, etc.). We only met once in June and once in July. Hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in at least two more meetings – including one ‘mega session’ – before the end of August.

By Crom, 'real life' can be so annoying!


  1. And I'm also way, way behind in updating my campaign logs, both for the YK campaign and my less frequent 'Cthulhu Canada' campaign.


  2. I had a stretch over the spring where we were only managing to meet once a calendar month. February, March, and April. May saw two sessions. Now we're doing weekly sessions at least through August. Keep the faith--these things run in cycles!

    (I really do miss the days of being able to count on a weekly meeting though. Sigh seconded.)

  3. Hang in there! :)

    P.S. - I'm using your Class Based weapon damage in my current campaign. I like it a lot and my players seem to be digging it as well!

  4. Agreed. Real life has been really mucking up my fun lately.

  5. Sorry we'll miss you at OSRCon!

  6. @ James: glad to hear that your group is enjoying that house rule! :)

    @ Carter Soles: thanks! Hopefully I'll be able to go next year. Have a great time!

  7. @ sirlarkins: Unfortunately the pace will only *decrease* once September arrives, as I'll be away from my current group. We'll probably only meet a couple times this autumn. (Sigh)


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