13 June 2011

Inexpensive RuneQuest II PDFs

I don't think that I've mentioned this already, despite my earlier posts on Mongoose's decision to drop the 'RuneQuest' license (see this and that), but the PDFs for the RuneQuest II books are now quite inexpensive!

I recently picked up the 'core bundle' and PDF versions of the three 'Elric' supplements. If you are fond of 'd100' games at all (BRP or earlier versions of RuneQuest), I highly recommend purchasing at least the MRQII core rulebook.

Mongoose's RuneQuest 'I' PDFs also are quite inexpensive these days, although, obviously, less useful for people who prefer RuneQuest II (and what sane person wouldn't?). Still, I may pick up the 'Hawkmoon' PDFs soon, as I think it's quite unlikely we'll ever see a MRQII/Wayfarer version of that setting.


  1. So, when will they sell of their backlog of physical books? PDF in all honour, but I like my dead trees...

  2. Good question, Andreas! I don't know the answer, but I'll certainly keep my eyes open for any such sale...

  3. I have the Runequest II Core Rulebook. What would you say are the essential books to have besides that one?

  4. Chris, aside from the core book, I would say that the only other 'essential' one is 'Monster Coliseum'. The 'Core' bundle includes those two, and three other books, for $29.97. ('Empires', which is supposed to be quite good, and provides larger-scale 'realm-management' rules; 'Necromantic Arts', which is good but flawed, as it was originally written for MRQ and was not fully updated to MRQII when it went to print; and 'Arms & Equipment', which is, well, flawed, but does contain some rules for alchemy.)

    Aside from the 'core' books, I think that 'Vikings' and 'Elric' are both excellent, and *definitely* worth getting if you have any interest in those topics.

    The MRQII Glorantha books are supposed to be good as well, but I've never really 'grokked' Glorantha, and so only own the core book.


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