04 June 2011

Ray Gun versus Nazgul

Here is a rather cool picture by Ian Baggley for North Wind Adventures forthcoming Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (posted by Benoist).

More of Baggley's work for AS&SH can be found here.

I must say, I quite like the look and 'feel' of these pictures. They're a bit dark, grainy, and mysterious, but full of tension and energy.


  1. Blackmoorest picture ever.

  2. They don't like fire, they ain't gonna like a beam of focused light in the snot locker one little bit.

  3. That's probably my new favorite picture ever.

  4. the electric drill is the lich's only natural predator.

  5. That'll sell a lot more batteries than the Energizer Bunny...


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